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Flair-It PRO Manifold has been referred to as the only modular approved manifold system that can either be mounted on a wall or the inside of a wall between the studs and or rafters and joists. Its compact design has several Yacht builders and Motorhome builders incorporating its modular design in the stowage cargo areas because of ability to withstand environmental punishment. The design of the Flair-It PRO manifold allows it to be threaded together, no crimping contraptions to make it work, no “O” rings to secure the water proof seal, and when you need more water out-puts, simply thread a couple more on. A true manifold does retard the flow of water by limiting the chamber size with built-in valves or ports—the Flair-It PRO manifold kas a 1” chamber to maximize water flow. The Ports of the PRO Manifold are ½” MPT, you can add a valve, or not, you can add a swivel elbow, and send the water into another direction—whatever your water flow designs, there is only one manifold that allows for a variety of fittings and valves to be added, and that is the Flair-It PRO. Whether you are installing a Home-Run system or Zone manifold system, the Flair-It PRO can meet your needs. The 4 and 2 port chambers can be installed separate of the mounting bracket, and can be mounted with the walls, allowing for a decorative cabinet door to provide esthetics and accessibility to the plumbing. Look closely at the PRO Manifold design, its reinforced ridge prevents side load pressure breakage of the ports, it 1” thread in-put end provides for main-line hook-ups, no necking down the water flow to the PRO Manifold, and the ¾” out-put end provides superior water demand for those fast-fill faucets used in residential and commercial fixtures. The Flair-It PRO manifold, “often imitated, but never duplicated”.

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