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EcoPoly Fittings have been specifically designed to meet all North American standards for use with crimp connections, either copper, stainless and or the NEW PEXLock clamp. The EcoPoly fittings are molded with reinforced corners on Elbows and Tee’s, and all other EcoPoly fittings where stress might be an issue. They all have positive stops which helps when aligning the crimp band, making sure code install requirements are met. These fittings and valves mate perfectly with the Flair-It PRO Manifold system—the Manifold valves for PEX are offered in color coded handles and come in several variations for recreational by-pass use in RV’s and Boats. EcoPoly valves are also offered in white with a white complimenting PEXLock clamp for use where the valve is exposed in the home, such as the toilet hook-ups. EcoPoly fittings have the largest offering of their Hybrid design over any other plastic insert crimp fitting, and offer a high resilience to extreme cold and heat, and are recommended for use in potable plumbing and radiant heat. The EcoPoly fitting are molded to strict codes for North and South America, and are produced by one of the largest plumbing providers in South America, for installs throughout the America’s.

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