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Flair-It has been used in North America for over 30 years as the highest valued compression fitting program for use with PEX pipe and Polybutylene (the old grey pipe), and can also be used with Polyvinyl tubing. Flair-It Compression Fittings been referred to as the original Push-On fitting—the installer simply pushes the tubing onto and over the cone shaped barb on the Flair-It fitting, creating the only inside diameter seal in the market place. Millions of Flair-It fittings are in use today, with uncompromised leak-free quality. These fittings are approved for residential and recreational use, and are offered in more than 250 variations, in 3/8”, ½” and ¾”, from Valves for PEX to specialty fittings for Poly tubing. The Hardware market see’s the Flair-It fitting as a plumbing necessity in their stores to accommodate the several variations of fresh water plumbing installs brought to them by the consumer. No other plumbing fitting in the US can boast of its simplicity, practicality and integrity like Flair-It—it just works.

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